Is it just me or is it getting impossible to

What is with this? Is it just me or is it getting really hard to communicate variables between movieclips and textbox variables?

For example : Inside a movie clip I made an animated textbox. When the submit button is pressed it should send whatever textboxA is to textboxB outside the movie clip.

Why does it always ignore it?

Also, I’m having trouble using a movieclip as a button, if you would like to help… go right ahead.

This is a simple task done on release, if it was a button it would work… but its inside the MC (so I can animate it) and it acts funny :

onClipEvent (mouseDown) {
if (txtname == null) {
txtname = “ERROR! Name required”;
action = “”;
} else {
Name2 = txtname;

Should’nt onClipEvent (mouseDown) act like on (release)?

I have a few other minor problems with what I’m working on, but if I don’t figure them out sooner or later I’m gonna have to bug you again… thanks for the help :slight_smile:

actually, onClipEvent(mouseUp) is like on(release)

Maybe you should try dynamic event handlers. These actions go in the frame and activate a movie clip as a button…

_root.myClip.onRelease = function() {
	trace("this works");

This assumes the instance name of your clip is “myClip”. Remember, APPLY THIS TO A FRAME! not a movie clip.

I hope this works for whatever you are trying to do.

Blah I’m lost… going to send you source code later (its a flash shoutbox)

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Abt that code you gave me, the output gave me

Error: A ‘with’ action failed because the specified object did not exist.

Error: A ‘with’ action failed because the specified object did not exist.

Also, is there a way to have variables in a MC sent outside (like a textbox)?

Actually it does work, but I get that error and the movie clip doesn’t play on a rollover when it would without this frame action… hmm :-\