Is it me?

I have this problem with flash mx. By all means it maybe me but I am not sure. Here we go:
Create a project on the stage and “enable simple buttons” and it appears (worls) fine. When I “test” the thing, it does not work. It seems like there are serveal times that it looks good on stage but not when tested. Another expample would be “background” I have it set to the default but when I test it the back ground is huge.

You might want to take a look at your publish settings this might be contributing to some of the problems that your having.

Hope this helps.


Since I am really new to flash,I am just using the default settings. Will this not work?

I was curious about the buttons. What is not working about the buttons. Can you post an example of code, or the fla, please?

Ok here is the fla file… Notice the roll over works on stage but not when published. Thanks for all your help