Is it me?

Or did something change the way is displaying in IE?

My NS7 looks as it always did, but in IE, the forum is … well, rather large…

just curious…


Hey rev,
IE has a strange habit of making font sizes larger. Go to View | Text Size and select Medium. That should fix it…I hope :wink:

Kirupa :goatee:



I’ve been using IE for years, and never even had looked at that option…

Thanks again,


Well, you might by accident pressed ctrl + MouseWheel, so the text size changed.

again, another thing IE does, that really doesn’t need to be done…

thanks h88


Netscape sucks, that’s my two cents! :stuck_out_tongue:

Nice footer dan. 8]

Thanks H88! :cowboy:

what happened to the old footer dan:q:

It died…

Hey dan, NEATO footer! :stuck_out_tongue:

What’s with all the motion blur? is it AS?

No actionscript, just some peon tweener skills! :cowboy:

that ctrl and mouse wheel thing is fantastic!

thanks :slight_smile:

How exactly do you tween it that way??

must’ve taken hours…

After practice tweening it’s like waking up in the morning, it’s easy, but takes long if you got wasted the night before!

Hey Kirupa, you know if you set your font size with CSS then your text size will not change if you do the CTRL+Mouse Wheel or the View/Text Size.

Just a little tid bit :slight_smile:

And that is an incredible footer Dan :slight_smile: