Is it possible to create a preloader for a movie which references Root?

I’m relatively new to Flash (currently using Flash MX 2004 Pro), and i’m completely baffled by actionscript in general. I’m hoping someone might be able to help me with the following problem:

I’ve used the Kirupa tutorial to create a totally stunning and absolutely smooth-as-silk infinite menu, but no matter what i try i simply cannot attach a preloader to it.

Since each button on the menu consists of a large thumbnail image, and there are quite a few of them, the infinite menu itself amounts to over 250Kb, so a preloader is essential.

When i attach a standard preloader to it, all i get is a horrible infinite loop whereby the complete loading bar and the infinite menu itself flash alternately at what i suspect is the frame-rate of the movie.

After trawling the web i am beginning to suspect that the reason this not working is the reference to Root in the infinite menu actionscript (even though i am not entirely sure what this really means).

All i want to know is: is there a preloader that will work in this scenario, and where can i find it?