Is it possible to create a shopping cart system by linking PHP and MS Access?

Hi I am about to create a shopping cart system for my company. I am quite familiar with MS Access, therefore I was wondering if it is possible to link PHP with MS Access. My system will have the following

-A shopping cart
-A software interface (the the staff in the company will use to check new orders)
-A database of the actual products

I don’t want to use MySQL because i am not very familiar with it, I have been thinking about using ASP…but i am not sure, does anyone have any ideas? Also how hard is it to do what i want to do?

in a word: yes.

However, it would probably be more difficult to use Access than to learn MySQL, and PHP is kind of “built for” MySQL.

You could use ASP… I don’t know ASP, so I can’t comment on that, except that ASP and MS Access are a more common combination than PHP and MS Access.

Also, Access is quite underpowered when it comes to serving lots of users. MySQL is a lot more powerful.

agreed, however i have never had any problems using Access (except for that **** lock file) :slight_smile: