Is PHP the right thing? - Flash based image uploader


In burst of inspiration and creative ideas last night while downing a few at my mates(it’s where the most creative thoughts come to life I feel), I’ve decided that I would like to create an image uploading flash-based site. Well that’s just one of the ideas for the website in question.

This (pretty much 100% flash based - on the surface anyway) website idea is that the user is able to upload an image - like you would on a forum sort of - and then I want the image the person uploads to dynamically appear on the flash website straight away as the person has uploaded it.

Basically these photos would go into a ‘pending’ section on the site, for everyone to see and later on I’d like to do a few tricky things like allow the public to decide if the images in the ‘pending’ section should stay or not either by a simple yes/no query or maybe more complex voting system (a bit like at newgrounds I guess) and then if it didn’t get enough votes (or a user hits ‘no’) the image would get deleted off the site. If it gets through (user hits ‘yes’) then that image is moved over to the ‘hall of fame’ or something like that. But for now, I’d just like to get a simple program running where I can upload images and they dynamically appear on the flash stage.

Now given I don’t have much server side experience, I’m hoping this isn’t too much of a tough task I’ve given myself. I do have the passion and energy to get this done though, which is great because I’ve been looking for a personal project to do for months.

I guess I’m just wondering how would I go about doing this? Like, is PhP the best way to go about it, or can it be all done in flash… or are there alternative methods?

My knowledge lies with flash and as I said I’ve never created anything server-side really before so this will be a great exercise for myself in terms of learning new stuff!

Any help and information would be greatly appreciated.