Is there a Bob The Builder out there?

can we fix it ???

Good morning fellow Fla****es !
hope you all had a great weekend.
me ? well, not so good…i have been battling along the lonely road of preloaders.
could anyone help me on my way here ?

please see the attached .fla. notice how the preloader kicks in nicely when you double hit Ctrl+Enter. nice huh ?
so, why wont it work on the site its being uploaded to ???
the site in question is [color=#22229c][/color] and the section that is giving me, my wife, and our dog headaches and slight constipation is the Galleries section.

supposedly, when you click Enter The Gallery, the external .fla should come in, preceeded by the preloader i have given evidence of here in the .fla.

but what do you know ? no preloader !!!

what to do ? please let me know any of you if there is something i have overlooked.

and have a great day too. viva kirupa!