Is there a PHP developer who can spare 5 minutes?


I typically don’t just ask for help without first trying to figure it out - in all honestly I just don’t have the time today and I need a quickie solution.

(I have a solution in ColdFusion and it’s super simple - I’m assuming it is in PHP as well)

I need to link to an HTML page which contains a SWF object and pass that object a parameter.

I’ll pass the key|value pair on the URL to a PHP page.
Using PHP, parse the value and write that string to the appropriate place in the embedded object
(the swf object’s source string)

I attached some simplified source files.
index.html (would be the PHP page?)
any_page.html (would be the page that links to the Flash page and passes query string key|value pair )

Any help would be GREATLY appreciated as I’m running out of time by the hour!
Thank you in advance.

// jOEL