Is there a tutorial for this?

Hi all,
for a menu i use 3 MCs, when you click one of them, the two others MCs will make place for the ‘options’ of the clicked menu.

What i want to do is give a specific _x and _y coordinates for the menus to move at when the other one is clicked (start and arrival, and have a motion tween between them). see what i mean?

do you have an idea for the scripting?
do you know a usefull tutorial that would show me the global idea?

any help would be appreciated! :smirk:


Here’s a couple of fla’s for you to look at. Hopefully they’ll help.

thanks justin! the 1st one is pretty much what i was looking for :book:

-z o d

Yeah, that one is a little incomplete, but I figured it’s what you were looking for. I believe I found that one on, and I know I’ve seen much better ones on there. Check that site out if you haven’t already. Glad I could help.

sure, i will :slight_smile: