Is there a way I can make 3-D animations for free?

Is there any way I can make my own 3-D shapes and letters and import them into flash for free?

legally? nah… well… i take that back.,… go to

get that program… its what i started on =]

and find a tutorial … i forgot where… somethign like under thino tutorials [on left hand side towards bottom]

it SHOULD be there… if not… search yahoo or somethign for “rhino flash tutorial”

hope i helped =] see my 3d knowledge helps after all =]

Just for letters, see if there’s a demo of Uleads Cool 3D and flash plug-in (export to swf), so you could use it legally for 30 days…
Same goes for Freehand, or Illustrator (export to swf), you can get 30day demos from Macromedia and Adobe…

I have freehand v9. Can I make like simple wireframe letters rotating and rotating 3-D shapes with it?

shoot… EVERYTHING has a demo file… i got maya 4.0 unlimited free for 30 days… its not hard u just gotta know where to look… flash has a demo… fireworks… even swift. its an older file… but get kazaa media desktop… and search for swift… ignore the illegal ones and u might find a demo or two. that is how i find all my software, legal or not… =] poor people gotta make art too. =]

thats another subject though… charging 30 grand for a program is mean… and unnecessary… IMO… still… i buy whatever i can afford.

I have Flash 5 and Freehand 9 demo’s on a cd, and then I got the cracks.

Look Up flash 5 text effects in

im supposed to be paying for these programs??? (note the instant halo) speaking of kazaa, thats the reason i dont have swift right now, i made a terrible mistake maybe one of you can help me out with, i decided i wanted to be a nice guy and let people have access to more of my files and i screwed up and hit search harddrive for files to share, well it looked and it found, and then it tried to import every file on my pc into my shared folder, which of coarse locks up my entire system, ( 9,800 something files). i deleted it but when i try to download kazaa again it automatically tries doing the same thing? anyone know what file i need to look for or delete to change so it wont remember that setting when i download the new version? its most aggrivating.

lol… go to and ask them