Is there a way

is there a way to track flash links? i was thinking with some type of Server Side programming, but is there another way? because when i send people clicks, im sure they will want to know its from me if they have trackers.

Not sure I fully understand?

Do you mean like Visited links (that change and stay changed if you have already visited theM)?

you know…say someone sends you a visitor from a link on their page. you can track the URL of the page that the visitor came from, if you have a tracker, such as sitemeter or extreme tracker on your page. with flash, you cant track clickthru’s like that. im wondering if there is a way to track flash clickthru’s. got me?

Ummm, not that I know of.

If you combine it with PHP you might possibly be able to do it (since PHP has the ability to do stuff like that), but I have no clue how.

Sorry :frowning:

yeah i was thinking with php or asp. you could send the visitor to a asp/php page then from there send them to the URL of the click. im sure that would work.

worth a shot :slight_smile:

Yes, I have done it before for Eidos Fear Effect 2…

it involves frames and graphics, and JavaScript to onload to a url, and count the different url’s…

If this isn’t enough info, I will elaborate…


elaboration = good. =)

Okay this could get ugly :nerd:

your frameset is one frame on top, with your movie.swf embedded in a web page, then however many# of frames below 1 pixel tall, 1 for each “click” .

for each of the frames below, create an HTML page with a transparant .gif 1pixel sq.

you can then use GetURL on a frame/button in your Flash movie (click x) you want to follow to page x, which loads into target frame x. all invisible to the user, since it is only 1 pixel tall, and transparant.

Count how many time page x has been called…that is how many times x has been clicked…