Is there any way to make a scheduled (timed) action?

Is there any way to make a scheduled (timed) action to a frame?
I mean if the movie plays and it reaches the frame that has an action like “stop” and … if 90 seconds passed …do this…
or something like that???

yes, there’s a getTime function in Flash, so you can check how much currentTime is > than start time. but it’s in millisec’s i believe…never used

The getTime function is in fact in miliseconds but there is also a function called getSeconds maybe that one is better although I dont know how to use it…

(note: I’ve started using “//” notation. This is a statement in Flash telling the a/s to ignore what’s on the right of it. This is so that you can directly copy and paste script from these pages. It is good to put notation on stuff anyway… for the newbies. I think everyone should make it a practice, as it is a career building skill.)

Simplest way would be to have a movie clip on the main stage, at that frame.

//sets the timer
//reads the timer
//detects time passage
if (newTime>=(oldTime+90000){
//tells the main timeline to play

I think that I based that off of Kiloseconds so the timer would have be tweeked to suit your needs.

Thanx guys for helpn’ me out… :slight_smile:

oops, accident, please ignore.