Is there any way to prevent someone from putting my site in a frame?

Hello all,

I’ve got a situation where someone is kind of taking credit for my working by displaying one of my sites in a frame on his site. Is there any way that I can prevent him from doing this. I’m looking for a piece of code or something.


Sorry, I don’t know of any, but I’m sure there is one.

What site is stealing your work? :upset:

I’m not going to tell. It’s a sticky situation. lol

That’s fine. If you ever decide to tell us, we can probably think of some just punishment for that person. :slight_smile:

lol Thanks Krilon but I’m not looking for punishment. I just want to stop them.
This may work, or Google “Frame breaker” and you should find something maybe.
I’m not sure if it’s what you’re after

if the file they are linking to is on a server you have access to, then just replace the file with something embarrasing, like perhaps an advertisement for ‘Gay Adult Sites’ or something…

This will stop them swiftly… :rabbit:


It works perfectly. Thanks LegoMan!

Lol, although you already fixed it, you should’ve done this first. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol I thought about that wizard.

Now is there any way that if the site is put in a frame and they click on the link I can have it say “Site Created by CAnadianGuy” realquick and then a quick redirect to the page in question?

O this is too easy. Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa! :lol:

dude, don’t play tight - give us the link… we wanna share in your triumph!!

Sorry Majeye as much as I want to expose this dude I really can’t.

Muhahhahahahahahahahahaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…burp :lol:

Edit: btw any more requests to see the site will be responded with a Muuuuuuuhahahhahahhahahhahhaahahahhahahhahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. :lol:

Hey CG, can we see the site?


Muuuuuuuhahahhahahhahahhahhaahahahhahahhahaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa

Ooops…go on show us the site!!!


I think that outta cover both of you :lol: < the only smiley I know by heart :lol:


that’s a good one to know you mean old muuahahaer

< whiny fat kid voice > NO! I mean Muuuuuuuhahahahahahahaaaaaaa! :lol: < / whiny fat kid voice >