Is there anyone here that has geocities as their host?

How do i load a flash page onto a geocity host?

Do i have to change my extension to html? Or do i just leave it as a swf?

Can somebody please explain…

Thanks heaps…

Jakatta… :slight_smile:

First check “File/Publish settings” and ensure that the “html” tagbox is checked, a .html file should be present in the same directory as your .swf. Either just upload that .html (and link to it through a index.html, possibly already on your account) or make a new index.html and cut’n’paste the contents of the .html file made by flash.


But when i upload the Flash File…
It comes up with “Invalid Filename”

What does this mean?
What am doing wrong?

I don’t know geocities so my suggestions are only general (I use, works great).

Make sure you don’t use special letters, e.g. æøå, in the filename and don’t use spaces in the filename, e.g. “my flash.swf”.
As a general rule, try to use small capped letters only.
Have you checked if geocities don’t accept flash (for some reason)?


Object tags are not allowed


There are a certain number of steps which would become too wordy , but basically :

-you need to download Cute FTP or any other FTP program alike. Intall Cute Ftp , configure your username and password (you must have both it if you opened an account with Geocities)
Geocities´ ftp address is;

-your swf will n e v er be renamed to any other extension , but e m b e d e d to your html code ;
I suggest you to use dreamweaver ,this program will write the code to embed swf on your htm (you can embed swf to a table cell , to a layer )

  • However I do have bad news for you concerning Geocities :

…some weeks ago I received a message from Geocities stating that from a date in april on can´t remember) , ftp service will no longer be available (files will be uploaded through their page , one by one , what will make your upload a boredom task);

… some years ago I was using an account I have with Geoc. only to test some files ; remember that there was a javascript image player and two small flash movies ;
off line they´re pretty fine but online in Geocities simply didn´t work.
I was getting furious already when I made up my mind to host such files on another server : they worked !
I think you should host your files with another hoster , GEocities does not seem to be serious and besides that there is the annoying pop up at every document transition;
Good luck


If you want to get rid of pop-ups:

If you want higher file sizes:

Brinkster doesn’t have pop-ups but it has a bandwith and file size limit.
Angelfire have pop-ups but it doesn’t have file size limit (as long as within the overall webspace).

You can use them in conjunction, like I do: Put the code on a page in Brinkster, but the code will embed a file that is hosted on Angelfire. Works great for me

I can tell you are new to Flash and webdesign in general. Go back to flash and open your (.fla) file, press F12 to make an html file of your flash file, and also Ctrl + Enter to make a .swf.
Go to geocities, find the file manager they have so you can upload your 2 files. That’s it!