Is there sucha turorial? (PHP)


ive been looking through the php tuts - all great. very informative. the only problem is they are explanations of specific functions that php has. as i dont hae a great over-all understanding of php, it is impossible really to use this information in any kind of useful way.

is there any tutorial, either here or somewhere else that would be almost like a walkthrough of making a php based site?

im not sure if its really very clear what i mean here so ill give an example:
there is a band called Kirupa Troops and they want a website designed. first you would need to set up a server where you would hold all the databases and things i dont understand. then you would build your site… there might be a lyrics page for the band, which would be up dated by simply adding the new songs to the database. then mabe you could have a mail form on the contact page and somewhere or a way for the fans to sign up to a weekly news letter about the KirupaTroops.

i know there are sepourate tutorials for things like the contact page, but i dont know how to use them in a practical situation… how do you set up these data bases and servers? im really lost… mabe ive missed something in the tutorials

i hope ive made sense here… :slight_smile: