Is this a sound bug?

I have a scene that is 37.2 seconds long. I use a loop that is 8 seconds long and repeated 5 times.

In the sound editor, I step the sound down to zero level at exactly 37.2 seconds.

What I expect to happen is that the sound and movie end together, in reality, however, the sound stops before the movie.

I am using a frame rate of 25 ps and I think I get about 4 or 5 frames more AFTER the music has stopped

What’s happing ???

try a lower framerate then? maybe 24fps ?

Curious and curiouser !

When I test the (offending) scene and also the movie the sound/ image frames finish in sync as they should.

When i embed it into Dreamweaver, this is when the sync is lost !!

Explain, I bet you can’t !

Have you tried to delete the temporary internet files?
SWFs is not “refreshed” automatically…