Is This Code Screwed Up?

got three movie clips. each one plays to frame 5 onrollover.
what i want to happen is if movieclip 1 is already at frame 5, and i rollover movieclip 2.
in theory movieclip 1 will play to frame10 (outro) before movieclip 2 starts playing.

what i have got are buttons on the first frame of each movieclip. these activate the playing to the stopaction on frame5 (intro). also they have this piece of code to asses the position of the other movieclip’s.

the other movie clips play regardless. i only need them to play if they have reached the stopaction(frame 5)
this seems to be not working instead it will just play all mc’s??

heres the scripting

on (rollOver) {
on (rollOver) {;
if (mc1_framesloaded(5)) {