Is this normal?

When i test the movie and when i hit ctrl+enter the image uploading is working great same as the preloader, but when i run the swf or the html file (published flash project), adobe flash player security prompt. So i tried to upload the project along the php file (for exporting image file) and hope it works. When i test the swf/html file, the preloader is already at 100% while reading the site of the image that im uploading and no image is uploaded, but when i try to save the image, an image is being exported (the frame image but not the image_mc which is the container for the uploaded image). Its just that i cant upload image when runniong swf and html file but i can upload image when i test the movie in flash (ctrl enter).

I hope you guys can help me with this, i already include flash.system.Security.allowDomain (“http://localhost/”);