Is this possible?

Here’s what I want to do: I have a class that extends the MovieClip class. In my class the onRollOver event has a certain handler function defined. Now if a user defines his own onRollOver handler for a symbol associated with my class I don’t want my handler function to be overwritten. Instead, when the event is triggerd, I want it to execute the user’s handler and my handler too. I had a few ideas but none of them worked. Thanks in advanced. Here’s how the code looks like:

class MyClass extends MovieClip{

public function onRollOver(){

in the first frame of my .fla i have a symbol btn_mc who is associated in the Library with MyClass, and the action for it is:

btn_mc.onRollOver = function(){

…now, when i run the movie , if a roll over that button i want both messages to be shown in the trace panel, it doesn’t matter the order. In my example only “action2” string is displayed. Hope I made my self pretty clear.

P.S. : Using hitTest to detect if the mouse is over my button, in MyClass is not an option for me. I want the power of the onRollOver event