Issue with columns and javascript in firefox

Hi, I’m having a problem using javascript in firefox 3 when I have two columns floated next to each other. Without javascript they float next to each other fine, when I add javascript, usually a widget hosted on another website the column which includes the widget acts as though the div in which it is contained is cleared. I’ve tested in just about every other browser, I’ve tried it in IE7/8, Safari, Chrome, and Opera and the problem doesn’t exist. I’ve tried toggling the overflow, clear, position, width, float, and display attributes and nothing fixes the problem. I’m truely stumped on this one and after scouring the forums for some clarification on this issue, it seems apparent that I’m the only one who is having this problem haha. Please let me know if you need more clarifcation, here is an example of the problem using the wp-cumulus sidebar widget in WordPress vs, if you need to see some code we’ll go from there.

Thanks for any help!