Issue with loadClip

Hey All,

I am having an interesting issue when I load an external swf with loadClip. It seems as if the animations double up on themselves.

var mcLoader:MovieClipLoader = new MovieClipLoader();

function loadExternalContent(externalContent:String, x:Number, y:Number, xscale:Number, yscale:Number)
    if(externalContent == "")
        externalContent = "araluen_map";
    externalContent += ".swf";
    var systemClips_content_container:MovieClip = createEmptyMovieClip("systemClips_content_container", _level0.getNextHighestDepth());
    _level0.systemClips_content_container._x = x;
    _level0.systemClips_content_container._y = y;
    if(xscale != 0 && yscale != 0)
        _level10.systemClips_content_container._xscale = xscale;
        _level0.systemClips_content_container._yscale = yscale;
    // make sure theres no other clips attached.
    mcLoader.loadClip(externalContent, _level0.systemClips_content_container);

function removeTheClip()

So the issue - when I click a button to do the function “loadExternalContent” it loads the external swf into the movie clip “systemClips_content_container”. This works fine, so then I click a button to activate “removeTheClip()” and it removes the clip then I can click loadExternalContent again. This all works fine.

However - when I un-comment _level0.removeTheClip() within the loadExternalContent function it still calls the function but the external swf seems to douple on itself and throughs off all the animations within the swf. It seems as if it doesn’t actually remove it.

I’ve also thought it might be the loadCLip, possibly calling that function more then once will cause the loadClip to load the swf on top of it self multiple times.

So, when I load the function the animations start to act very weird as if its running 2-3 times at the same time. Is there something obvious in the code???

I would like to accomplish the below:
When loadExternalContent is called it will load the swf into the content_container. I want it to be fresh as if it was the first time loading. I only seem to have this weird issue when I re-load the external file. Maybe the above is not the most accurate way of accomplishing this task. Any suggestions?

Thanks for any direction or help anyone can provide.