Issue with Point.polar() method?

I am attempting to move movieclips 1 pixel by a given angle using the Point.polar() method. I am under the impression that moving a movieclip 1 pixel by a certain angle and then increasing that angle by 1 degree 360 times in a row should result in the movieclip returning to its original position. I am finding, however, that the movieclip ends at (191.20000000000002, 191.20000000000002) if its original point was (200, 200).

I must have missed something, and would love to understand this method properly. Any interest in my question is greatly appreciated.

This code takes for granted the existence of a movieclip “libraryItem” in the library.

import fl.motion.MatrixTransformer;
import flash.geom.*

var visibleGraphic:libraryItem = new libraryItem;
visibleGraphic.x = 200, visibleGraphic.y = 200;
var movementTimer:Timer = new Timer (25, 360);
var movementAngle:Number = 0;

this.addChild( visibleGraphic );

movementTimer.addEventListener(TimerEvent.TIMER, movementFunction);

function movementFunction(event:Event):void {
    var movementMatrix = visibleGraphic.transform.matrix;
    var destinationPoint:Point = Point.polar(1, 2 * Math.PI * (movementAngle / 360));
    movementMatrix.translate(destinationPoint.x, destinationPoint.y);
    visibleGraphic.transform.matrix = movementMatrix;
    movementAngle += 1;
    trace(visibleGraphic.x, visibleGraphic.y);