Issues with Object deletion

Hey all. Currently working on a project that requires a lot of dynamic content. I wish I could provide more information then that but I work for Lockheed Martin and the DOD so I can not say what exactly I am building.

In the course of my current project I have come across a problem involving the creation and deletion of Objects in real time. Here is my code that is called from on button that is in the same location as the objects:

iffNum is an array which references the objects, symbols does the same but is for a specific MC associated with the object.

function clear():Void {
    for(var i=16; i<this.iffNum.length; i++){
        var iffTrack = this.iffNum*; 
        iffTrack = String(iffTrack);
        iffTrack = iffTrack.slice(19,-11);
        trace("located : "+iffTrack);
        var trackPATH = eval(iffTrack+"path");
        iffTrack = eval(""+iffTrack);
        trace(iffTrack._name+" is now registered for extermination");

This is the die() method of the class that handles from which the objects are instantiated:

public function die():Void{
        delete this.transponder;
        delete this.rad;
        delete this.currPoint;
        delete this.points;
        delete this.tSpeed;
        delete this.tAltitude;
        delete this.angle;
        delete this.ownship;
        delete this.graphRep;
        delete this.parent;
        delete this.tween_ct;
        delete this.sweep;
        delete this.aInt;
        delete this.mInt;
        delete this.sInt;
        if(delete this);{
            trace(this._name+" has been killed 
        delete this;

In the first delete of the objects everything works smoothly and the output of trace reads as:

located : track01
track01 is now registered for extermination
track01 has been killed
… as would be expected.

When I create new instances of the class like so:

function SceneGo(){
    var track99path:Array = new Array([233.7,56.3],[-19.8,59.1]);
    var track99:iffSymbol = new iffSymbol([true],tacsit,"track99","track99Rad","","","1200","","UNKNOWN",null,"air",(274+Math.random()*85),(21+(Math.random()*15)),track99path[0],track99path);

I am unable to delete these new instances from the screen.

Now I am creating the initial objects in the same manner as above only the AS for it is located on a frame rather then in a function on the frame(hope that is not confusing). The intial creating and SceneGo() function both reside in the same frame script.

I will be more then happy to provide an FLA that contains modified scripting along with a modified class file if needed. I wish I could post an SWF as an example of what is happening but im afraid that is against the law. I’ll continue to try and work the problem out but any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and also thanks for all the help everyone provides on this forum it has been a great help in the development of my career.