It is golf player's first choice--R9 SuperMax Fairway Wood

Taylormade R9 SuperMax Fairway Wood is designed for max distance and max ease of use, so if you are a golf player and want to have a wonderful score on golf course, the R9 SuperMax Fairway Wood may be your best golf for sale

There are many golfers who are using the R9 SuperMax Fairway Wood say that the R9 is very forgiving and has a excellent performance, yeah, the R9 supermax fairway wood with shallower face and large head can offer golfers a large sweet spot , golfers may feel confidence with this driver on golf course. what’s more, R9 SuperMax Fairway Wood has the lightest Fujikura Motore 50-gram shaft and grip in the R9 series, so the light weight can provide golf player a fast clubhead speed and more distance,so this fairway wood is really good for the golf players.wholesale golf equipment

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