It's not ready yet but i just need some advice

Hello All,

I’ve designed a site for my girlfriend here’s the site , please give me some comments…

Thank you

nice :slight_smile:
wat happened to the animation, there isn’t much of it anywhere??!! :confused:
add a nice effect on the buttons.

btw - i really like the bg color=)
anyways keep it up man

Funk sly and the family stone is TE DOPE kerel

die vriendin van je heeft smaak!

ik mis wat animatie, maar de main design mag er zijn

keep it up

i like all the color but the black text is difficult to see. maybe change the color it? some transitions would be nice too because the “scenes” seem to overlap. nice work though keep going.

Thanx for the replies all…

About the transitions, they are all seperate swf’s (the photo with the curl animation that slides in),
My first goal was to make it so when you click on a different button the animation is going to be reversed the other way before you go to the next page (understand?)

but i dont no how to do this… I know i can do it with a lot of scripting on the buttons but there should be a better way… Any ideas?

'Bout the font i will change the the alpha level of the pink background, that should work

Jinxboy, mijn vriendin bedankt je voor het compliment…