Itune search & list function

Howdy boys & girls!
I’ve gotta question / I’m seeking inspiration. For my study I’ve to build a prototype for big, huge grocery shop, with new “idioms” to buy the products (using direct manipulation etc, not using the conventional hierarchy structure f.i) Because the shop has over more than 10000 products I was looking for a good way to buy them. Looking at the way Apple developed the Itunes search option gave me real good inspiration.
What I (and the rest of my project group) want to do is this… We want to develop a real time search function: Type in the word (or a part of it) and get instantly feedback. So when typing “me” the results “meat, meatballs, etc” are projected *instantly *in a list. Just the way Itunes does it.
Does anyone has ideas how to do this? Or could some one help me by tossing over an interesting link? It only has to be a prototype.
thanks !