iTunes Artwork Display FINISHED!

Hey guys I just finshed copying the iTunes artwork display 100%!

In tradition nathan99 style here’s the source: Remember to give me credit!:smiley:

Tell me your thoughts!

some tutorial

Version 3 is out:


  • XML Can define whether or not to automatically start the slideShow
  • XML Nodes now position independant
  • Full screen works properly now
  • onClick/onPlaylistLoad/onDoubleClick/onArtLoad/onArtError can now call flash functions - defined in XML
  • XML File specifies whether to show reflections via showReflections
  • loadPlaylist calls can specify which album to select
  • Gradient MovieClip for reflection (gradients are controlled by the gradient_mask)
  • Transparent images
  • Reflections fill with transparent gradients
  • XML File specifies whether to use transparency, and the gradient image to use
  • Coded reflections
  • fscommand full screen
  • Position dependant XML setup**

— Update 15

  • Fixed List Loader issues

— Update 14

  • Fixed album placement
  • Fixed depth issues
  • Multiple image lists

— Update 13

  • Depth issues fixed
  • Less CPU intensive
  • Slideshow feature
  • Fixed brightness code
  • Fixed go to feature
  • Variable image sizes (Allows landscape/potrait)
  • Fade type is optional (Brightness or alpha)
  • Variable descriptions
  • Links open up a site on double click (self, blank, parent or top defined in XML for each item)

— Update 12

  • Supports same-domain paths
  • Easier to use go to field
  • Items that are not at front are not grown to full size
  • Now changes brightness instead of fading off the edges
  • Fixed reflections

— Update 11
’Thanks to DarkMotion and my little brother for the new album art’

  • Images snap to size (autoJump)
  • Default messages for missing information
  • Invalid image errors fixed
  • Better distortion
  • Less CPU usage for artwork
  • Go to field

— Update 10

  • Fixed reflection depths
  • Solid-Transparent reflections
  • Blur for reflections
  • Fixed the last artwork loading (Accidentally took it out in the last update)

— Update 9

  • Enhanced MouseWheel functioning
  • Fixed Mouse and Keyboard skipping bugs
  • More intelligent loading routines
  • Fixed alternative artwork display

— Update 8

  • XML information
  • Dynamically loaded artork

— Update 7

  • Resizing jump
  • Variable changes for items (the excessDisplay is no longer necessary)
  • Masking
  • Artwork’s heights now change too
  • Scrollbar snaps
  • Scrollbar keeps scrolling while bar is clicked
  • Maximum scroll speeds, change maxSlide to change this… to not use this, set it really high, as in 3000

— Update 6

  • Creation of new MC for each artwork
  • Fixed Scrollbar (Compatible for varying lengths)
  • Less CPU Intensive

— Update 5

  • code shortened

— Update 4

  • small resizing glitches
  • reflection onPress events
  • fixed gradient fills for reflections

— Update 3

  • Reflections
  • Clicking Left/Right Double Jump Bugs

— Update 2

  • Clicks on scrollbar work
  • Fullscreen thing (only using fcommand)
  • Improved skipping buttons

— Update 1

  • Scrollbar
  • Skip buttons
  • Mouse Wheel interaction
  • Second Example Album
  • Proper “Fake” Song Information

** Version 1 ***

For now my site shows no reflections and the last playlist doesnt load. This is because I have forgotten my FTP password and cant update the XML files; so the variables set to their defaults. I need to wait until my brother finishes work so he can get me my password :stuck_out_tongue:

Let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

Hi nathan99.

any chance of getting the component to grow dynamically like the one in ?

i want to use it with amfphp to get the data by demand.
I have spent a day making my own “iTunes Artwork” (because i couldnt understand your code) but it seems like its harder than it looks :stare: , you can see what i have so far at :
and the sources :

im trying to keep it simple , tomorrow i will continue with this but it will be great to use yours instead .
Anyway great work :thumb2:

As long as the data comes through in the XML (ie xml is generated by php or something) you can get it to do that, which is what I’d assume searchme does, with perhaps a few tweaks