Does anyone here play Jedi Academy? Ace game :thumb:

Nope. I’ve actually never even heard of ir :snooze:

:frowning: no one? Aww… poopy.

Well its great because its got guns and everything but its what everyones been looking for: GET A LIGHTSABER!

Hundreds of ocmbos and stuff, control with your mouse and keyboard, its great, engage in duels, get in a clan and be a better duelist, its all there…

Plus force powers… Grip, Heal, MindTrick, Sense, Absorb, Protect, Push, Pull, Jump, Throw, its great! No other game comes close :slight_smile:

http://www.lucasarts.com/products/jediacademy/ :beam:

I PLAY it!

Fun, very fun.

I made a skin for it once i think.

YAY!! Any clan?

Wow Looks like a cool game… I think my brother has a copy of it… should check it out…

Yes, i’m in a clan. I founded it, it’s called clan -IT- wanna join?

I played JKII quite a bit online. I loved JA for it’s singleplayer too, but the multiplayer was a little more stupid and frenzied with the dual blade and the dual lightsaber abilities…

downloading demo… looks cool :slight_smile:

I only play on the “Chop Shop” Servers. They have the best settings.