Jagged images when put onto web server


All my images look great when I preview, simulate the download, and publish it and view it from my computer’s hard drive, but when I put on the web server all the images are jagged. A diagonal line looks more like a lightning bolt than anything else! What’s going on here? I have even changed the settings to preserve original jpeg quality (which was a setting of I believe 9 when saved from photoshop). Any help at all would be appreciated, thanks!


I’m having the same issue right now; using Flash CS3. Images displays smoothly when the page/movie are viewed locally. But once the files are uploaded, the JPEGs are totally jagged. Don’t understand why!!

The only issue I see it’s maybe I have the photos linking to an external source through XML files ( http://img.example.com/01.JPG ) instead of just (“images/01.JPG”).

Any workaround for this??

Okay, I tested it some more; it is the path that’s causing the issue, my XML:

Loads fine — <image url=“images/01.JPG” />

Loads jagged and pixelated — <image url=“http://img.mywebsite.com/images/01.JPG” />