Japanese toilets


lol or wtf…?

I’m glad I live in the good ole USA, where we have proper toilets

I think this covers both LOL and WTF eyez… lol


no disrespect to any japanese co-members(if any) but ewww

the poser characters really help you visualise what to do in this situation… lol… :stuck_out_tongue:

seriously why did they put jeans on those models… they looks funny as… lol… what a classic topic. lol @ eyez.

eyezberg, what were you searching for? how did you get to that toilet site? :wink:

heehee, it’s probably for washing da butt.

it is MT, but it’s a funny idea anyway - hehehe.

I read everything on that site - its great. my favourtie parts are those about his bamboo house (http://daveahlman.com/bamboo/bamboo.htm) and the other one about his car (http://daveahlman.com/tran/tran_hijet.htm)

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You gotta love this one, a toilet that pees back at you. :P:):wink:

pj :stuck_out_tongue: **


- how do u fit in there hahaha, i can’t, i better go crazy and jump out of the window and do my stuff in open phields u know :stuck_out_tongue:

- car wash :sigh:

** - I always thought japanese are born geeks and not just geek, super geeks and super nerds ahhahah**

: one last pic made a whole lot sense then the ones above hahaha

omg ahahha
now stop it come on :frowning:

u r a mod, lock this one phil
Its getting too smelly around here :stuck_out_tongue: hahaha

i am ignoring myself from this thread now hahahah
its very late, infact 3 am in the morning i better end my saturday night party or i ll move around like a zombie tomorrow morning hahah, good nite man;)

*Originally posted by Phil Jayhan *Im not going to lock Eyez thread; He would have me shot, hung, then drawn and quartered; He is german after all; :sigh:

Wohohohohohow ROFL :!:
That’s a rude statement lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Although I had not considered taking pictures of the toilets during my trip to Japan, now I just might… :stuck_out_tongue:


shoot him, hang him, then drawn and quarter him! :wink:
no wait, we don’t have death penalty over here.

How about forcing him to listen to german humor for about an hour :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, got an example of that? :slight_smile:

he may just search for anything from steffan raab