[javascript] IE window.open problem

Alright, IE is really makin’ me mad here. This script works perfectly in Mozilla Firefox, but does not work at all in IE.

Here is the code on the button:

<input type=button value="Launch Image" onClick="openWin('http://www.mysite.com/img_database/window.php?img=<? echo $_GET['img']?>');">

Here is the openWin function:

function openWin(url){
		window.open(url,'Triplebros - Image Download','toolbar=0,menubar=0,status=0,resize=0,dependent=1,location=0,scrollbars=0,height=650,width=800,left=40,top=40')

The openWin function was not always its own function, it also didn’t work when i had the window.open(…) on the button with an onClick.

Any help on this would be fantastic, thanks.