Javascript Variable scope help

Hi all, I have a function that dynamically adds some LI elements to a UL node the problem I am having is passing a onmouseover and onmouseout function to the LIs. I have the over and out functions declared before the list is populated and I have them statically attached to a differnt list and are working. When trying to attach them in the listimages() function its like they are not being passed through. any help is much appreciated.

function over(obj){"#000066";"bold"; = "pointer";

function out(obj){"#006699";"normal";"default";

function listimages(imagecount){
var Parent = document.getElementById('images');
 iteration add a new LI with the link info
for(i=0; i<imagecount; i++){
var count = i+1;
newitem= new String("NewLi"+count);
newitem = document.createElement("LI");
newitem.innerHTML = "<p>Image "+count+"</p>";