Jedi Fighting Game!

Fighting game with force powers

I think it kinda got messed up by linking directly towards the .swf file. At least it did on my screen :frowning:


That’s better :wink:

Nice game you’ve got there :thumb:

The .swf worked on mine though. I don’t know what your problem is.:wink:

Great fun. Loud music at intro though…

That can easily be fixed: Turn down the speaker volume.

pretty col game very costumizable but its to hard fro me (then again every games someone makes is too had for me)

Cool game. Can’t get more than 3 kills. :frowning:

About the volume though - my speaker volume is set pretty low as it is, actually as low as it can go with me still being able to hear the system sounds (if you’re on Windows and you look at the volume bar in the Sounds properties, its set to half way between 0 and the first tick on the scale), and your music is still really loud for me. By loud I mean it’s a lot louder than the rest of my music. It’s definitely not loud enough for the person in the room next to me to hear, but if I had my volume set to anything average it probably would be.

For the volume thing: I can’t really tell, is it better now?

fun game although it could definitely use some improvements. The “easy” difficulty is way too hard. I think you should have this mode have one or two bad guys to start the game off with instead of 3. And maybe the easy mode shouldnt include that insanely powerful sweeping shotgun type-o-thing, cause that sure aint easy, haha.
If you worked on the graphics, youd have a pretty sweet game on your hands. At first i thought it looked boring, but then i ended up playing it for a while, haha. Add a high score table! That way youd have something more to work towards and you get sucked into the game more.
by the way, you forgot to give credit for the music.

<edit>and by the way, your footer is frikkin AWESOME

Thanks. I just uploaded a new version where you can set the volume at the beginning. I’ll try to add the difficulty things, but I don’t have any way to make a high score table.

Just did another update:

-Easy difficulty: no flechettes (Shotgun sweepy things), only 1 enemy
-Medium difficulty: 3 enemies
-Hard difficulty: 5 enemies (Same as original game I made, which was supprisingly easy)


I’m thinking about adding cheats, like infinite force power, health and ammo. Should I?

Double edit:
Nevermind. I added them anyway:

id say before you do that, fix the game up more, like add death animations or at least a sound, stuff like that, but yeah sure, cheats would be cool

I don’t have time for that. I’m going to sleep soon, and I’m not sure when they will be judged. I’m tired…falls asleep on keyboardjadklvjpdlkfaljfadflkj GHKLla;fa78e4we

Probably because I have another resolution then you do, the .swf stretches out to fit my screen, as it does on any other resolution on any other screen. That’s why you’d better embed it in an HTML file, like you did :slight_smile: