Jeopardy Question

I want to attempt to design a functioning Jeopary board but I have no idea how to go about it. Does anyone have any suggestions as far as actionScript?\r\rThanks \r–Zach

create some arrays for topics and questions and use random to pull array values.\r\rtopic=[an album cover, famous titles];\r\rcurrentboard=random(topic);\r\rthere’s an awesome post about arrays and subarrays in here somewhere. I believe it is in the Best of Kirupa.

The a/s should be pretty easy. To make it really extensive you’d probebly have to php connect to a mysql database to store answers and questions in an association, but this could be done with a text file too… it just might take a little longer to load the data when the flash first starts up.\r\rLikewise you could place all of the questions and answers inside the fla, but again, you’re extending the download time a bit.\r\rThe rest of the a/s will consist of buttons, text fields both imput and output, and some sort of score board.\r\rmovie itself I would probebly do something like this if I were doing it from a simple txt file. \r\r* btw…the reason you might not want to do this is simple. A basic txt file can be grabbed off your server, providing the answers and questions to anyone who has the knowhow. This compromises the integrity of a serious game. You can work around this by not calling this file a .txt. Then at least they need to download the swf, break it apart with a swf code hacker, and see what the file name is, and where it’s located. You can tuck things away on your site this way. Most of your average surfers wont be able to easily get at the info.*\r\r** frame one a/s**\r\r// Im naming the file mqx, remember to save the file with \r//the extention you choose, and remember to place quotes \r//around it.\r\rloadVariables(“myAnswers.mqx”);\rif (finishLoadingFlag=true){\r gotoAndStop(3);\r}\r//the variable finishLoadingFlag should be at the end of the \r//external file and signifies that the data has finished loading\r\r** frame two a/s**\r\rgotoAndPlay(1);\r\r** frame three a/s**\r\r//build master array\r\r-----------------------------\rI’m not sure what to put here yet. Im looking up some stuff for this. The idea would be to take two arrays into Flash from the text file. One would be the answers, the other a set of appropriate answers. You’d probebly have to do multiple choice which also throws a loop into the works. \r\r"Action Script: The Definitive Guide", on page 21, describes the basics of a multiple choice quiz done in Flash. (Every Flasher should pick up this book.)\rI’m reading through it now to see what they are doing. My guess would be a multi level array.

OK, Upu, thanks for the input but I have no idea what you just said. I was thinking I’d just put it all in the .fla with gotoandstop tags, but that would make the .fla huge. Obviously, I know very little about actionScript. \r\rAlso, I’m not worried about anyone stealing the questions or answers because the game isn’t going to be serious. It’s actually just a joke for my bands website. Well, if you find anything, let me know (in the most simple terms possible :slight_smile: ).\r\rI think I’ll try to find that book you mentioned.Later.\r\r–Zach

sorry sir… sometimes it’s hard to tell what level people are at.\r\rI’ll think about your situation though… it shouldn’t be too hard if you have no real concerns about the answers and questions.