Jerky animation

I’ve got a very simple animation of a truck moving across the stage. When played, however, the motion is jerky instead of being smooth… kinda cheesy looking.

What am I missing here?

increase the number of frames per second and make the motion tween longer.

i downloaded the source and i too thought that it was just the frame rate like jubba had said. but its not. i think that it is a matter of two problems. one being that your fram rate was to high. i moved it DOWN to 12 and it was a start. Then i relized that it was the fact that the wheel stoped moving. see, it needs time to start up again, so it makes it choppy. try to make the wheel move longer than the movie. or just try the 12 fps and see if its ok.

change the frame rate and add a preloaderive written about 3 for kirupa so ur spoilt for choice

In the first frame of the timeline, I’ve got…

[FONT=courier new];;

In the last time frame, I’ve got…

[FONT=courier new]

I changed the f/r back to 12 and that didn’t help. Unless you’re seeing the same behaviour I am, I’m wondering if it might having something to do with my video card? (grasping at straws here)

Back to the wheels, I noticed that they seem to stop and restart, even when played alone. You are probably on to something here, but what’s the fix?:-\

OK, to keep the wheels from stopping and restarting during the animation, I inserted the following in the last k/f of the motion tween for the wheel object…
[FONT=courier new]

I wouldn’t think this should be necessary, but evidently it is for some odd reason. I’ve uploaded the changes to the website, but the animation still has a terminal case of the “herky, jerky”. :frowning: