Jerry Springer Marketing Presentation

Okay I had a marketing presentation today, it was our final project in the course. There were 8 of us in the group. We decided to let me do the powerpoint presentation, actually i did flash. So we come into class today and this other girl in our group decided to do her own powerpoint. She is like “im going to do my entire presentation and you guys can do yours after.” We were all like :a: It would ruine our entire presentation if she did her own version first and we did the same thing over afterwards. So the crazy girl start freaking out and comes up to me like she is going to hit me and saying im immature and that she put a lot of time into her project. The rest of the group members and I were trying to reason with her. By this time the classroom is almost full but the professor isnt here yet. The crazy girl gets on her cell phone and calls her mom and begins to talk all this trash about us very loudly so that the entire class can hear it. Then she sits down at the class computer thats hooked up to the projector and refuses to move. One of the other girls in the group starts getting angry and now she is about to fight the crazy girl but is stopped because by this time there is like 6 professors watching on. Finally our marketing professor shows up and after a while he decides to throw the crazy girl out of the class and out of our group presentation. It went smoothely after that but I could not believe the way this crazy girl acted, I felt like i was back in highschool, but we are in a junior/senior level marketing class in college. Plus that crazy girl has like all the business professors at the school thinking she is psycho.

The entire thing felt like jerry springer. I kept thinking someone was gonna throw down with this girl and everyone was cursing up a storm( :cantlook: ).

Sorry for the long rant just thought someone might find it interesting lol. I didnt speak that great during the presentation cus my head was still spinning lol.