Johnny rocketfingers 2 - i need help with AI!

i am making a sequel to johnny rocketfingers, an adventure type game where you gather up and inventory and talk to ppl and **** (like the old school lucasarts adventure games). i’ve been trying to learn AS myself, and not be dependant on other people to do it for me (so i wont be AS handicapped in the future), but now i’m really stuck.

theres a lot of tricky **** im trying to do and i need help from an AS super expert. if anybody is willing to help me with this project i would be very very grateful.

thanks for reading

Im far from an AS expert…but…
what is it you exactly want done… cause tricky **** doesnt exactly put a detailed vision of what it is your looking to do… also if you dont truly have a preference to your project being done in flash there are alot of engines out there that will compile your game with your art and everything but with minimal to no programming… if you want some links just let me know.

It’s about time you release JRF2 man! I hardly go on newgrounds anymore but make sure you post it in this forums when you release it.

Wow I thought you had quit with that game. Welcome to the forums and great luck with JRF2 :thumb:!

WOO HOO! I love johnny rocketfingers! i’ll try to help, so hit me ip on AIM- EdMoNd Da BoMb

hey dude. i luved JRF, cant wait for the game. i might be able to help out a bit, are u doing art based RPG or tile based?

hey thanks everyone for your replies, i’ll get in contact with those of you who wanted to help

skribble: what do you mean by art based and tile based

wait… I think I remember jrf (or at least I remember the only oldschool lucasarts style game made in flash that I ever saw) … it was pretty bad *** and it had really awesome gfx if Im on the same page as you guys.

TILE BASED: these are games where the world is made up of different tiles,

ie: 1 tile - water , 1 tile - grass and another tile - sand, then you could build an ocean out of the water tile, the beach of of the sand tile and the ground out of the grass tile.

games that are tile based are usualy “top down” RPG games like all the original Zelda games , “Final Fantasy 1-6” and “Secret of Mana”.

ART BASED: These are games that have a higher pixel rate and use characters and backgrounds that are usualy larger and usualy better looking. Games that are art based games are usualy “front on” games like “Hugo1,2,3” and “Discworld”

your probably going for art based. ive added sum attachments if u dont quite understand.

skribble - oh ok, i gotcha. it’s definitely art based

weeeeeeee. koolz.

yeh dude if u need any help, feel free to email or IM me.