i have some jpegs in my hard disk that i cannot see.
any1 knows what i have to do to make them visible?

did you doubble click them? if not it sounds like they could be corrupt.

i have double ckicked them but nothing. i get no preview in the windows explorer n’ i cannot open them with acdsee.

have tried opening them from a program? file open menu? If so what error did it give you

a program like photoshop or fireworks?

sounds corrupt/

yup, the jpg must be corrupt, in this case im afraid they’re lost…

corrupt or planted from a virus to get your attention. If these
files are familiar filenames, then probably not that, but these guys
are right on.

what OS you on?

but if its corrupt i highly doubt he could get it back right?

not really. jpg’s are pretty delicate and fry easily. I’ve lost many,
but that was back in Win95/98 days. Haven’t really lost any since
win2k came out.

so is gif a bit better?

nah…just something i found to happen evey now and then. Keep
a backup of all your files, and you don’t have to worry.

as an aside, gifs are best suited for solid color images, whereas
jpg for gradients and fills. They’re best used in this capacity
rather than interchangeable. :wink:

This happens every now and then. Not too long ago I had a file on my desktop that wouldnt delete (it was a jpg). Then a few weeks later (yesterday) I tried deleting it again and it worked. Strange.

i would scan your system…

Actually hope you got virus protection with the latest updates and definitions. There is a nasty virus floating around right now.