JPG or PDF from Flash

Has anyone ever seen a way to save a JPG or export a PDF from Flash?\r\rI basically creating a flash piece to make templates (a swf that will be posted on a Website). The user can choose a design and enter text, etc. And I was wondering if it is possible to take that now, user customized template and export it to the users desktop. \r\rAny thoughts?

Not sure… I know you can publish to jpg format, or ai for that mater. This is usually done to allow you to have an alternate image for people who don’t have the flash plugin.\r\rI don’t know of a way to publish from the web so that’s not really very helpful.\r\rI find nothing on Google about it… but maybe a few tries with various search strings, as well as a search on Flashkit.\r\rThere is a print function which, if you’ve got the printer for it, makes wonderful prints. I’ve done some of mine on a Techtronics clay based office printer… unbelievable.\r\rHopefuly it’s transfering through the PC as something which can be recognized by some snazzy php programing… that’s if you’re lucky. Could be that it requires a bit more than that. \r\rPS, I’m not dismissing the idea that one of our fine talent here at Kirupa wont have an answer for you, but I think I’ve seen all the posts since day 21 of the site and I’ve never seen that anwered here.\r\rGood luck to you.