JS not.

Doesn’t send query to SQL database
favicon.ico:1 GET http://wed-dns/favicon.ico 404 (Not Found)

What exactly are you trying to do? The 404 error is expected since the following URL doesn’t point to anything that exists: http://wed-dns/favicon.ico


I’m trying to write to the database SKL, DATA and this error is constantly coming out, I can’t figure out where it comes from.

Do you have a reference to favicon.ico in your HTML? Browsers will look for a favicon.ico file automatically sometimes.

With that said, you can safely ignore this error for now It shouldn’t be interfering with your database-related behaviors.

GET http://web115-verstkadns/favicon.ico 404 (Not Found)
нет у меня нет файла с именем ico
вот это пишет постоянно.

You can safely ignore it. It must be some server feature that is automatically inserting it. This is the icon that shows up in your address bar or tab:


It won’t change the behavior of your page in any meaningful way :slight_smile:

Хорошо у меня другой вопрос почему не добавляется информация в базу данных?

<? $path=$_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']; require_once "$path/sys/db.php"; if(isset($_POST['sendSignup'])){ $errors=[]; if($_POST['login']==""){ $errors[]="Введите Логин"; } if($_POST['email']=="") $errors[]="Введите e-mail"; if($_POST['password']==""){ $errors[]="Введите Пароль"; } if($_POST['password']!=$_POST['password2']){ $errors[]="Пароли не совпадают"; } if(empty($errors)){ $passwordMd5=md5($_POST['password']); $db->query("INSERT INTO `users` (`login`,`password`) VALUES('$_POST[login]','$passwordMd5')"); } else echo $errors[0]; } ?>

в консоле нет ошибок.