I want to work with JSFL in Flash MX 2004. I am very new to the JSFL. Can any one of you suggest me a very good site, where I can learn the basics.

FYI , I have referred the following site.


I am able to proceed as instructed in the above link. But I am not aware of how to execute the files.

Based on the example given in the above link, I have created the following files "‘inputName.jsfl’ and “inputName.xml”.

In the FLASH HELP file, I found that, the jsfl files are to be placed in the below mentioned folder.

“C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash MX 2004\language\Configuration\Commands”

But I am not seeing the “language\Configuration\Commands” folders in the “Flash mx 2004” folder. So I have created the folder “language\Configuration\Commands” in the flashmx 2004 and pasted the files there.

Please find below the error message which I got when tried to open the .jsfl file in the "COMMANDS —>RUN COMMAND " menu in flash MX 2004.

“In file ““inputName.jsfl””:xmlPanel: Argument number 1 is invalid.”

I am not sure whether I am proceeding in the correct direction for executing the JSFL files.Let me know, in case I am wrong.

It will be helpful for me if anyone provide me good URL’s or tutorilals for JSFL beginner.

PLEASE reply me ASAP