Jubba needs a hand. How to target inside of a MC

I have an input text field, that is inside an MC (call it 1). I need another MC (call it 2) to target the text field that is inside of 1. How do I go about doing this?

Did you try this ?

 _root.clip2.textname = "Jubba sucks" ;

pom 0] (who else might have written that I wonder…)

or you can target the variable from the txt field, but set it elsewhere… in which case the txt field would have a variable like this.

yes I tried that but it said “Pom Sucks” instead, but it didn’t work.

and Upu, I think you are telling me to put it on the main stage? buti can’t do that because I need to adjust its alpha for a frame or two and it needs to be inside of a movie clip.

an input text field is like any other variable. just put the complete path to the variable.
you have a movie clip on the stage named “mcInput” with an input text field named “iText”. the path would be:

input text fields (just like dynamic text fields) are both read and write, so you can declare the value of the input text box in order to display a default value.
_root.mcInput.iText = “input text here…”;

that would make the input text field display “input text here…”.
if this is not working for you, then post the fla.

yeah… I’m just saying that you can search from the text field using addressing, or you can call from whatever sets the variable addressing to the location of the text field.
Either way is acceptable depending upon the situation.

Ohh my… I read dynamic text field. Autant pour moi. But as Sinf said, it should work the same…

pom 0]

ok let me try again, I probly had a problem in my code. thanks guys (and POM).

yeah it works now, I must have been doing something stupid last night. thanks a lot.