Just an idea (footer)

U can see it, right? (my footer)

yes but what is it doing?

each time the ball hits one of the sides the speed “re-randomizes”

  onClipEvent (enterFrame) {
 if (numb == 1) {
  this._x -= rand;
 } else if (numb == 2) {
  this._x += rand;
 if (this, hitTest(_root.right)) {
  numb = 1;
  rand = Math.random()*10;
  _root.speed = rand;
 } else if(this, hitTest(_root.left)) {
  numb =2;
  rand = Math.random()*10;
  _root.speed = rand;

“speed” is the text field

that’s it, really…

yeah I got that, but the question is why :stuck_out_tongue:

oh…derno, just an idea:ne:


well it’s different :wink:

Im so happy to be able to know the speed of the ball to the 14th decimal…

lol, that was on purpose…kind of…

make the ball red and the background black so it is cool :smiley: