Just bought an HDTV. Now what?

So I finally decided to join the new millennium and get an HDTV. What do I buy now? Right now I’m pretty much wasting it. I have a Wii hooked up via RCA, a DVD player hooked up RCA, my basic non-HD cable, and an antenna that sometimes pulls down the major networks in HD.

When I have an extra 100 bucks a month to blow I’m definitely going to get direct tv and enjoy 75+ HD channels. But that’s not in the budget right now.

Obviously going to need a Blu Ray or HD-DVD player. Can’t decide between picking up a PS3 or getting a media center PC. Obviously both have their own advantages.

Probably need to update my audio set up too, I have 5.1 surround, but I think I have it plugged in wrong :stuck_out_tongue:

What do you cool kids with HDTV’s do?