Just curious....(trace())

wut exactly does trace() do? i know i should buy an actionscript book, but I’m going to have to wait, and i should for MX anyway.\r\r

My script book sez…This action evaluates the expression and returns the result to the Output window in Test Movie mode. Useful in debugging your code by displaying variables at certain times.\r\rFWIW\r:)

I use it all the time to check my code, say you have a variable, and something only happens when this var is true (or s’thing else). Well, nothing happens. So, you put a trace (variable); after each script modifying it’s value to see if it really changes.\rWas that clear? (not really i guess…)

clear? no. :slight_smile: but that helped, I should be able to figure it out if I just read thru that a few times. Thanks eyez and Z. \r

It’s very useful when you do stuff like _parent._parent.movieclip1.other_movieclip.variable = 5. In that case, you want to check in other_movie clip that you got variable, so you trace (variable) there. If nothing comes out, it means you’ll have to look your path in the eyes for a long time.\r\rpom 0]

Not eyes, EYEZ ! :slight_smile: