Just thinking

We so often focus on raising our self-esteem, and so often encourage others to feel good about themselves that we breed arrogance, and delusion in the minds of our populace. I am not saying by any means that people shouldn’t b confident or happy with themselves, but I am saying that we shouldn’t encourage overconfidence any more than we encourage underconfidence. Basically, I think we should all take reality checks, to make sure our head is in the game.

To keep from illusioning oneself, one must tackle their own personal demons…and angels.

You can not focus too much on the good, or else the bad will run, regroup and catch up with you. And you cannot focus too much on the bad or the good will shrivel away and be lost. We must all find a balance between our happiness and our sadness, we must all look to have the proper amount of gusto, and restraint. Really, to understand who we are, we must look inside, accept the good and the bad for what they are, and instead of trying to amp one up and tone one down, to accept them and live with them.

There are many more reasons why I have been thinking about this, with more evidence…but I don’t think this is really that interesting anyways. Just my 2 cents on life. It’s late, and I’m bored.