Just want some thoughts

This is a picture i made in Bryce 5. I just want some thoughts on it. :smiley:

I had to turn the quality down for this picture so it could fit, so just try to bypass the uglyness of it. I also realize that some of the trees are floating, I just haven’t fixed it yet because it takes quite a while for this picture to render, but thanks for any comments.

I have no idea what goes into creating an image like this. With that being said it’s cool but the textures seem kind of amatuerish.

If you took out the big rock and the volcano it would look great.

hey there is something about the volcano and the rock that either don’t fit in or just don’t look real next to the life-like palms


nice work man - work on the trees and the volcano bro - your skills are improving young man!

thats a cool pic, i love the water (i love watr effects! :wink: ) i reckon the rock is really good, but the volcano isnt that great, overall, i like it

alright then, thanks everyone!

much appreciated =)

the volcano looks fine to me…but what do i know =/

I like it too :slight_smile: