K-Emmy Awards Winners!

The polls ended last night and here are the winners!

Best Personal Website of a member:
Winner: Senocular
Runner up: Chris Kalani

Most Pointless Post of the Year:
Winner: Test Forum
Runner up: how to become a mod checklist

Funniest Member:
Winner: Fester8542
Runner up: xxviii

Best Avatar:
Winner: Pixelist (GPP)
Runner up: Grimdeath

Funniest Quote:
Winner: “Quick DDD, Jerk him off a logo…”
Runner ups:
“…on second thought, I’ll wait until DDD chimes in, and agree with him.”
“You has CS2?, how many has CS2?” - seb

Funniest/Weirdest Thread eva:
Winner: Seb Jungle thread
Runner ups: ■■■■ you mods thread
1001 things to do with kirupa’s head

Most Favourite Member:
Winner: Kirupa
Runner up: Fester8542

Best Smilie:
Winner: :lol:
Runner up: :sad:

Biggest Spammer:
Winner: Esnetni
Runner up: cybercode

Weirdest Member:
Winner: Seb Hughes
Runner up: Grimdeath

Best Footer:
Winner: nokrev
Runner up: Fester8542

Most Helpful member:
Winner: scotty
Runner up: senocular

Flash Genius:
Winner: Senocular
Runner up: Joshua Jonah

Most Creative Critic:
Winner: DDD
Runner up: Simplistik

Most Cheerful Member:
Winner: Kirupa
Runner up: Lunatic

Best Newbie:
Winner: Anogar
Runner up: Chris.jones071

Best Mod:
Winner: DDD
Runner up: Digitalosophy

Most Active user:
Winner: Nokrev
Runner up: Kirupa

Best contributer to Kirupa:
Winner: Kirupa
Runner up: Senocular

Here are the kups!

the format to use them is like this:
[SIZE=1][FONT=Verdana][COLOR=gray]K-Emmys-06: Best “whatever”[/COLOR][/FONT][/SIZE]