K2: February 2003

Hey everyone,
Prstudio wrote a basic (not yet finished) draft for this month’s issue of K2: http://www.poorreflection.com/personal/PYP.htm It’s about privacy.

Should we make that the theme of this month’s issue? :slight_smile:

Kirupa :smiley:

I think it’s good. It’s all basically common sense info to computer know-howers… but not everyone is a computer know-hower.

then i guess that’s a yes. sounds like a plan, kirupa.

I think it is well written…

a bit dry perhaps, but well written.

made me yawn a bit…

just my .02


Hey kirupa, page not found here.

I thought it was supposed to be humorous…

Piracy/privacy sounds pretty dry for K2…

JMO tho


It does seem a little dry though. I’ll try to come up with a page or so of things not to do to ensure privacy online :slight_smile: That might counteract the seriousness of his info.

Claudio - it seems like his server is down. I can’t even access his site.