Keep going after key is released?

So I have this code:

if (Key.isDown(Key.SPACE) {
		if (rotationPM != 360) {
			this._rotation += 65;
			rotationPM += 60;
		} else if (rotationPM == 360) {
			this._rotation = 0;
	} else {
		this._rotation = 0;
		rotationPM = 0;

(rotationPM is declared as 0 on load)
So what it does, is the character rotates around for as long as you hold down the SPACE, or until rotation = 360. When it hits 360, rotationPM/_rotation both set to 0. That all works fine. Unfortunately, it takes time to do a 360.

What my question is…can I have it do the 360 even if you de-press SPACE halfway through?

Functions seem like they could be an answer, but I don’t know AS 2 functions (I have used C++ functions, so I know the idea).

If someone thinks that functions would work, pleas point me to a tutorial.

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